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Welcome here, dear French reading impaired visitors !

This website will no doubt be a challenge to browse in a foreign language but will make you travel just by attempting to read it! Pictures might help sometimes to decipher the situation but family portraits will make you sick after some time eventually.

So no worries, I will publish news in English (possibly German, aber vermutlich selten) regularly to help you catch up with action. And you can always translate this site by clicking on the link in the left menu, it can be funny...

What have you missed so far? Not a lot of travelling really but a lot of happy events.

This family world tour preparation (we are a family of 4 leaving for a year) has already proven to the scepticals that whenever you decide something and declare your intent loudly, there is nothing that the world will not offer you to make it happen. Have you read "Synchronicity" by Jarowsky? Well, don't bother, it is summarised here (you still may want to check it out, it is a good book).

Since we started preparing, a lot of happy funny events have paved the way. Here are some simple ones:

- we rented our house in less than a week, although we thought that would be impossible to do with a fixed 1-year rental. We published an add on a Sunday night, received a call on Monday noon from an English couple visiting houses in the area; they visited our house on the Tuesday and considered it; we went out on Wednesday night and ended up randomly choosing a table in a restaurant that happened to be next to the one of our English couple; they signed for the house on the Thursday. There is nothing you can do against destiny.

- we met a family coming back a one-year world tour, colleague from Airbus, living 10 minutes from where we leave. They have spent good time sharing their tips, their data, their memories and have boosted our confidence in the fact that we were almost ready and made us dream further. Since that, we met 2 other families (colleagues again) leaving for tours round the world.

- we found some long time-no see friends whom we will meet on the way in exotic places.

- we found a new bank for our tour and a banker who is fond of travels, who has granted us a package (normally devoted to expatriates) avoiding all costs associated with paying/transferring money anywhere in the world. that will save us some 1000s Euros of commissions.

There are more and there will be many more. But already, this decision has created a lot of good things for us as a family and we can't wait for what is coming.

See you around!